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NABJ Salute to Excellence
National Media Awards

NABJ recognizes journalism that best covered the black experience or addressed issues affecting the worldwide black community during 2017. The Salute to Excellence National Media Awards competition is open to all media organizations and individuals involved in print, broadcast and/or online journalism media. Submissions must cover people or issues of the African/African American Diaspora. Entries will be judged on content, creativity, innovation, use of the medium and relevance to the black community in 69 categories. 

NABJ also celebrates the best work reflecting the growing scope, creativity and importance of public relations, marketing, and advertising professionals. Our awards recognize outstanding campaigns, programs and tactics, and the dedication and contributions of communications professionals. Solo practitioners, agencies of all sizes, large and small businesses, top corporations, media outlets, nonprofits, associations and government agencies are all encouraged to apply. 

Deadline: Friday May 4, 2018 

  • Materials may be submitted by the journalist, publication or a representative of the media outlet. 

  • Only work originally published or broadcast during the judging period of January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017 is eligible for consideration. 

  • A failure to adhere to the contest rules, category descriptions or time limits will result in disqualification and forfeiture of entry fees. 

  • Entries become the property of NABJ, and will not be returned. 

  • All entries must be submitted online and must be received at NABJ headquarters no later by the designated deadline. Entries submitted by mail or email will not be considered.

Entry Rules:

  • Entries can be submitted in only one category.

  • Entries will be disqualified if they fail to follow the rules and eligibility requirements of their designated category. Refunds will not be given in this circumstance. Please ensure you have selected the correct category.

  • A student may not enter more than three separate entries in a single category.

  • All entries must be submitted electronically. Entries submitted by mail or email will not be considered.

  • TV entries must be submitted via a web link. If your piece does not already exist on a personal or station website, NABJ encourages applicants to upload the entry to YouTube.

  • For newspaper entries, entrants should submit a link to the online article or a PDF of the entire newspaper page on which the story appeared. The date of publication should be visible.

  • Photo entrants should submit a PDF of the newspaper/magazine page on which the photo appeared, or a link to the photo published on an online news site. The date of publication should be visible. Please note that web links submitted must be active. Any link submitted that does not work at the time of judging will not be considered.

Entry Fees:

  • The contest fees for Professional Categories are $75 for members and $150 for non-members per entry.

  • The contest fees for Collegiate Categories are $20 for student members and $45 for non-student members per entry.

  • Members may not submit entries on behalf of nonmembers at the reduced entry fee.

  • Entry forms submitted without correct fees will not be processed. Entry forms, fees, and work samples must be submitted online.

  • Each entry must be submitted with a separate payment. Fees must be attached to each entry. The entry fee is non-refundable.


  • A judging committee comprised of accomplished NABJ members will select nominees based on content, creativity, execution and relevance to the black community. 

  • One award, more than one award or no award may be given in each category. If a submission is the only entry in a particular category, but does not meet the judges' threshold to win, no award will be awarded in that category.

  • Each entry is judged on its content, creativity, execution and relevance to the black community on a scale of 1 (not worthy of an award) to 10 (highly worthy of an award).

  • Newspaper and magazine entries in each category are grouped and judged according to circulation. 

  • Radio and television entries are grouped and judged according to market size.